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About GoldmineVintage

Growing up, there were so many ways in which I swore never to follow in my parents’ footsteps – yet somehow I’m turning out just like them. Always fashionably late? Check. Socially awkward? Um, check. A sucker for thrift shops, yard sales, flea markets and old things in general? Major check.

Yes, while a trip to Goodwill may have once left me kicking and screaming, I now find myself spending more time in thrift stores than I do at the mall. Which is a good thing for you and me both – I save money and uncover some pretty awesome treasures, while you can browse said treasures in my new Etsy shop.

If you’re also a sucker for anything with history, you might want to check out my other blog, I Heart Old Houses, where I – no surprise here – wax nostalgic about pre-1960s homes. It’s another interest I inherited from my family.

And for the record, today I’m proud to have turned out like Mom and Dad – turns out they’re pretty cool people.

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