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Harvest Gold or Daffodil Yellow?

November 1, 2010

It’s probably no surprise that my last three Etsy listings are some shade of sunshiny yellow.

Vintage Yellow Tin

I love autumn and winter in theory. I mean, I typically spend a few days each October sweating it out in a wool cardigan  in 80 degree temps because I can’t wait any longer to try out the fall clothes I purchased in August. I long for crisp air and crunchy leaves during our usual Northern California Indian summers. But after a few uncomfortable weeks below 65 degrees,  I realize the error of my ways – and start pining for spring. Yes, I’m a weather wimp.

What’s nice about yellow is its versatility. 

Set of Yellow Pyrex Bowls

1960s Maple Syrup Can

That same harvest gold shade that reminds you of changing leaves can, come autumn, evoke dreams of happy daffodils when you’re longing for the snow to melt – which, unfortunately for me, sometimes starts before the snow gets here…


Maple Syrup

October 27, 2010

When it comes to autumn decor, I’m all about the classics – pumpkins, gourds, acorns, Indian corn. Problem is, I’ve got to pack it up before Christmas because, by then, the cornucopia theme already feels dated.

Enter this awesome 1962 maple syrup canister. The harvest gold/chocolate brown combo and painting of changing maple leaves is perfect for fall, but the retro design, charming distressing and printed maple recipes could add cute vintage detail year-round. Perfect for keeping on a shelf next to your cookbooks or vintage Pyrex.

And hey, if you’re Canadian, it would also be a great expression of patriotism. Talk about killing three birds with one stone.

If you’re looking for some new maple recipes (and really, who isn’t?), this baby comes with enough to keep you in the kitchen all autumn long. Think I’ll give the maple corn muffins a try myself.

Buried Treasure

October 26, 2010

There’s nothing like finding buried treasure on top (or inside?) of buried treasure.


One of my local thrift shops is offering a half-off deal for books all October, so I did some digging this weekend and came home with three vintage hardcovers – and a little surprise.

The first, an undated edition of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, caught my eye because of its art deco-worthy green cover.

If I had to guess, I would say it was published in the late 1940s/early 1950s (probably since the pattern reminds me of wallpaper from that era) but it could have been later because it’s in awfully good condition for being that age, though the pages are somewhat yellowed. Unfortunately, I can’t find any info on it whatsoever online. So if you have any details, by all means, let me know!

The next book I grabbed is a lot less rare, but I just couldn’t help myself. 

I have a soft spot for these Ginn Readers. Even though schools probably stopped using these well before I was born, my parents collected them, so I grew up reading about Tom, Susan, Betty and their buddies. This 1961 copy of Roads to Everywhere features just the kind of adventures you’d think a Space Age era kid would want to read about – dog sled races in Alaska, missions to the moon and a (politically incorrect) battle of frontiersmen vs. Indians. I haven’t listed this one yet, but plan to soon.

I liked the cover and content of my last buy, a 1936 high school textbook, but didn’t feel there was anything particularly special about it. Until I looked inside, that is.

Flipping through the pages of Shakespeare, Chaucer and Milton, I came across a yellow hall pass from 1941. I know it’s not worth anything, but stumbling across a snippet of someone’s real life that’s been untouched for almost 60 years feels kind of like opening a mini time capsule. It reminds me of why I became interested in vintage. It’s not just about the pieces themselves, but about the people, probably not that unlike myself, who once used them.

All in the family

October 13, 2010

Growing up, there were so many ways in which I swore never to follow in my parents’ footsteps – yet somehow I’m turning out just like them. Always fashionably late? Check. Socially awkward? Um, check. A sucker for thrift shops, yard sales, flea markets and old things in general? Major check.

Yes, while a trip to Goodwill may have once left me kicking and screaming, I now find myself spending more time in thrift stores than I do at the mall. Which is a good thing for you and me both – I save money and uncover some pretty awesome treasures, while you can browse said treasures in my new Etsy shop.

And for the record, I’m proud to have turned out like Mom and Dad – turns out they’re pretty cool people.